Home Office Solutions

Working From Home Ideas

The most recent move from the office to home has a lot of

people rethinking their at home workspace – even our team.  When working from home goes from being something you do once in a while to your primary workspace you start realizing your at-home productivity.  So, we’ve put together a list of items that we believe can be great ways to start reimagining your space at home helping you increase your productivty and comfort.

Home Desks

Depending on the size of your home and the decor your needs may vary widely. You may want an option that allows you to duplicate the size, space and productivity that you have at office.  In other cases you may be trying to keep your home a place where you are away from work and a desk and want something that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate in your home.  Either way you are going to want something that matches the décor when you transition from a living space to your office space. 

Student Desks

Chairs with built-in desk platforms that provide a

good at-home working environment for your students or brainstorming in your favorite room. Typically rooms that don’t have space for a traditional desk.

Multi-Purpose Work Surfaces

Additional workspace surface is available in a conference

room or a community table if you need to layout a big project. However, those resources aren’t available in your home, so here are a few easy selections that are both permanent and non-permanent solutions that will either blend into the room design or can be stored away when not in use.


Designed to provide comfort in your work from home environment these choices allow for great long term residential office solutions to more lightweight solutions that can easily be deployed for Stay At Work and projects. Our chairs even our more lightweight models focus on ergonomic support system so that you don’t have to sacrifice health when working from home.


Many of the storage options selected were chosen for their easy matching options for both your residence and at the home office. In addition to design, we have chosen quite a few functional pieces that provide both seating and storage options.


Work at home productivity can be enhanced in a lot of ways. When moving from the office where you find

yourself with unlimited outlets, great lighting and multiple monitors at an arms reach home this is one area where we think you can make a huge improvement in your daily productivity. Here is a few of the items that we are suggesting for improving your workspace right away.