COE Warrior

COE CORE VALUES: Customer Service, Quality, Respect, Saftey, Teamwork, Innovation!

The warrior helmet was a ritual started in the Penguin's locker room. After each game, a player passed the helmet along to another player who they thought did something special or exceptional during the game to help the team. The warrior helmet is a trophy of effort and exceptional performance. Here at COE, we pick a new warrior every other Tuesday. The current warrior will pass the helmet to the next recipient and explain what made them deserving.







Newest Warrior

Dillon Smith


Dillon was passed the helmet due to his 
commitment in our Core Value of Teamwork.







Previous Warrior

Samantha Meyers


Samantha was named our newest warrior for living up to our 
Core Values every day. It is a much deserved honor and we are 
happy to have you as a member of the COE family!

Past Warriors

Kacy Kennedy

Jacki Kmetz

Deborah Clark

Mike Benson

Jack Kramer

Roger Sanner

Mike Teets

Robert Showalter