Meet Our Leaders

Executive Team

J.D. Ewing
Chairman & CEO
Mike Flaherty
President & COO
Melanie Ewing
Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Nichols
Vice President of Sales
Jennifer Jubin
Vice President of Customer Experience

Managers & Supervisors

Brittany Bertocci

Leslie Eldridge
Director of Marketing

Bob Nau
Director of Supply Chain

Craig Novak
IT Director

Doug Freeman
Director of Product Development

Russell Potter
Product Development Specialist

Mandy Janesko
Ecommerce Customer Service Manager & Product Data Specialist

Donna Jeffries
Customer Service Manager

Joe Mathieu
National Sales Manager

Jennifer Mosier
Accounts Receivable and Payable Manager

Chrissy Pecsko
Assistant Customer Service Manager

Kacy McClain Kennedy
CSR Team Lead

Paola Ramirez
CSR Team Lead

Sarah Filip
CSR Team Lead

Robert Showalter
Freight Specialist

Pennsylvania Facility

Shane Delara
Shipping Supervisor
Jim Guseman
PA Assistant Facility Manager
Jack Kramer
PA Facility Manager
John Townsend
Director of Warehouse Operations
Mike Teets
Warehouse Supervisor
Roger Sanner
Receiving Supervisor

North Carolina Facility

Jimmy White
Assistant Facility Manager

Kara Brooks Osmer
Quality Improvement Specialist

Michael Foray
Facility Manager

Vernon Alexander
Shipping Supervisor

Deb Clark
Receiving Supervisor

Jasmine Lee
Operations Support Supervisor

Texas Facility

Jesus Ramos
Assistant Facility Manager

Ronishia Lynch
Facility Manager

Lorenzo Caballero
Shipping Supervisor

Kriegan Bridges
Receiving Supervisor