Why Become A Dealer

Becoming an Authorized Dealer for COE Distributing offers several advantages and benefits that can

positively impact your business. Below are some reasons why becoming an Authorized Dealer is beneficial.

Access to High

Quality Products

As an authorized dealer, you gain access to COE Distributing's extensive range of high-quality products and our exclusive private label OfficeSource products.


This means you can offer your customers a diverse selection of furniture options known for their exclusivity, durability, functionality, and stylish designs.

Competitive Pricing

& Margins

COE Distributing provides

authorized dealers with competitive pricing, allowing you to maintain

healthy profit margins.


With favorable pricing structures, you can effectively compete in the market and offer your customers compelling value for their investments.

Reliable Inventory

& Quick Delivery

Being an authorized dealer ensures a steady supply of inventory from COE Distributing and fast, reliable delivery.


You can rely on our efficient distribution network and inventory management systems to fulfill customer orders promptly, minimizing stockouts & maximizing customer satisfaction.

Marketing &

Branding Support

COE Distributing offers marketing and branding support to authorized dealers.


This can include access to promotional materials, co-marketing initiatives, and assistance in building brand awareness

in your local market.


Such support can help you attract customers and differentiate your business from competitors.

Training &

Product Knowledge

COE Distributing provides training programs and resources to 

authorized dealers.


This training equips your sales staff

with in-depth product knowledge, enabling you to confidently assist customers, address inquiries, and

make informed recommendations.

Exclusive Product Lines

or Special Deals

COE Distributing offers authorized dealers exclusive product lines and special deals, giving you a

competitive advantage over

non-authorized retailers.


These exclusive offerings attracts customers seeking unique options

and limited-time promotions.

Technical Support &

After-Sales Service

As an authorized dealer, you benefit

from COE Distributing's technical support and after-sales service.


If any issues arise with products or

if customers require assistance,

you can rely on COE Distributing's support team for prompt resolution

and customer satisfaction.


& Trust

By becoming an authorized dealer, you establish a partnership and build mutual trust with COE Distributing.


This collaboration leads to long-term business partnership, access to new product releases, and preferential treatment as a valued partner.