Modular Electric System

About COE Modular Electric System

HOW TO ORDER: (1) Determine the configurations that need powered and electrical load requirements. (2) Choose base feed. (3) Establish placement of power blocks. (4) Identify receptacles per power block. (5) To figure harness length, take the center of the item where the power blocks are to be placed, plus the length of any items the harness needs to pass under; subtract 8'' and use the next larger size harness, unless measurement is exactly the size of a harness. For example: Sample #1 the power blocks are centered in the 42'' returns, so half the return size is 21'' for each return (21'' + 21'') plus 30'' depth of the peninsula, minus 8''. (21'' + 21'' + 30'' - 8'' = 64'' harness length). (6) Determine needed accessories.