Akt Lounge

Since Mooreco serves across multi-channels, 

we took some healthcare soft seating principles 

and applied them into Akt SoftSeating.


The sturdy construction of the frame includes

an engineered webbing suspension, and

seats are made of high density foam.


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Akt Seating

Akt 4-leg chairs also come with glides or

casters. Choose the caster chairto cultivate an

active environment that takes work on-the-go.


Stacking stools andchairs can stack up to

ten high, promoting balance, and the glides

include a metal stemthat pushes in to keep

them in place, unlike other manufacturers.


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Akt Tables

Akt tables are a reconfigurable solution

designed for dynamic and collaborative teams.


They help people work & learn together & adapt

to their space, making them ideally suited for

secondary learners, higher education students,

& employees  in the workforce.


With sophistication & sleek style,

Akt tables can be used for individual work, collaborative spaces, or team activities.


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