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StandUp Standing Desks Collection

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The use of standup desks has been proven to boost the health of the workers who would otherwise be sedentary all through their work day. This standing desk collection includes all of the essential pieces that come together to create an office space suitable for up to 8 workers. This collection includes storage and privacy solutions to ensure the comfort and productivity of each person. This collection is a great choice to include in your professional office setting, and will also work well in an educational or medical setting.
  • Complete office furniture collection
  • Standing desk, for improved comfort and health
  • Includes

    8OfficeSource Variant Collection Rectangular Top - Requires Base 1PLT3072
    8OfficeSource Variant Collection Rectangular Top - Requires Base 5PLT2472
    5Coming soonPLTEAB4872MEDWF30
    5OfficeSource Variant Collection Unite Leg Base - 48''PLTULEG48
    8OfficeSource Variant Collection Adjustable Beam 1PLTADJMDB4872
    16OfficeSource Variant Collection Connector Beam Bracket 1PLTCBBSINGLE
    12OfficeSource Variant Collection Acrylic 66'' ScreenPLTAP1566S
    4OfficeSource Variant Collection Dual Under Desk Mount Screen BracketsPLTSBUDMDUAL
    8OfficeSource Variant Collection Under Desk Mount Screen BracketsPLTSBUDMSGL
    8OfficeSource Metal Pedestals 2 Drawer Metal File and Box Pedestal - 22''DCPSBF
    8OfficeSource Metal Pedestals Top Cushion for CPS PedestalsCUSH1522
    8OfficeSource Variant Collection Coil Cable SnakeCMS05
    4OfficeSource StandUp Standing Desk Collection Metal Perforated Modesty Panel 2MMP1865
    Limited Lifetime


    Carton Length: 132.22''
    Carton Depth: 174.83''
    Carton Height: 11.54''
    Carton Weight (Lbs): 2
    Product Weight (Lbs): 2012.74