Meet Our New Team Members


Customer Service Representative

Jamie McClain is joining the COE Team as our newest CS Rep. Before coming to our company, Jamie was a CSR for TTEC Telecommunications Client, supporting technical support. Jamie was excited to join the team, after her daughter Kacy, another one of our CS Reps, encouraged her to do so, by speaking highly of the company and the opportunities to advance. 

When it comes to our core values, Jamie believes the most in teamwork, stating it takes teamwork to make the dreamwork; she will offer help in any area needed. When Jamie is not at work, she enjoys crafts, walking, antiquing and working outside. She also cherishes her family, which consists of a son, a daughter, two granddaughters and a husband of 25-years. 


Charlotte Distribution Center, Warehouse

Ryan Holmes, one of our new warehouse team members in Charlotte, is excited to join the COE family! Starting out as a temp, he quickly transitioned to full-time, because he wanted a future with a great company. Before even starting at COE, Ryan was a dock worker. 

When it comes to our company’s core values, Ryan believes the most in safety, saying that we all want to make it home each night to our family. When he isn’t hard at work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, saying that they are the greatest! Ryan also says he is outgoing and loves to laugh. Welcome to the COE Team Ryan! We are excited that you are onboard with us full-time now and look forward to watching you grow within the company.


Charlotte Distribution Center, Warehouse Assistant

Zackery Sturdivant is joining our team down in Charlotte full-time as a Warehouse Assistant. Before transitioning to full-time, Zack was a temp for our Charlotte facility. However, before coming to COE, Zack was a box truck driver. He made the switch to a full-time position because he wants to be a part of the COE Family. 

When it comes to our company values, Zack is the strongest in teamwork, stating that he can get along with anyone. In his spare time, Zack loves to read and exercise. Zack is also currently engaged and has three children; two girls and a son. 


Business Analyst

Minqian Zhou is joining the COE Family as our New Business Analyst. Minqian recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December with a degree in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. Minqian is however, no stranger to COE. She worked with us during her last semester at Pitt on a consulting field project. Minqian is looking forward to becoming a valued contributor to this phenomenal team, and says that everyone here is friendly, works hard and is nice. 

When it comes to our company values, Minqian believes we are the strongest in teamwork; everyone here works together and communicates well, not matter which department. In her spare time Minqian enjoys listening to music and playing sports. 


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Tedrick is the newest member of COE down in Houston! Before coming to COE, he worked at UPS. Tedrick was drawn to COE due to the new opportunity to learn new things. He is also excited about the growth and long-term positioning. Out of our core values, Tedrick believes the most in safety, because it is the value that he believes contributes to the remaining qualities.

When he is not at work, Tedrick enjoys spending time with his son. He is also really close to his family and enjoys his time with them. Tedrick describes himself as both funny and laid back. Welcome to the COE Team Tedrick! We are excited to get to learn more about you and possibly hear a joke!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Nedra is one of our new team members in Houston! Before coming to COE, she worked for KIPP, but was drawn to our company because of the growth and because the opportunity to work night shift works well for her. 

When it comes to our company values, Nedra says she believes in them all. She is a team player, who loves to assist customers. She also shows respect to all and believes highly in safety and transparency. When she is not at work, she spends time with her daughter and family. She says her family is adventurous and always has a great time together. Nedra also says she is a good basketball player and cook. Welcome to the family, Nedra!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Kenneth is also joining the COE Team in Houston! Before coming to COE, he worked as a picker for Capestone Logistics. He was drawn to our company because he was ready to learn something new and liked what he learned about the company. Kenneth believes that the most important core value is Teamwork; he wants to always help everyone and any department as much as he can. 

When Kenneth is not at work, he loves to sleep. He is very close to his sister, whom he lives with. Kenneth says he is very funny and eats a lot. With those fun facts, we know he will fit right in with the rest of us! Welcome to the COE Family Kenneth! You can tell us a joke anytime!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Jermaine Hall is joining the COE Family down in Houston as one of our Pick-To-Load team members. Before coming to COE, Jermaine worked for Black Horse Carrier, unloading trucks and doing warehouse work. He was excited to join the team for a better opportunity and new environment.

When it comes to our core values, Jermaine says he believes the most in teamwork; he is a huge team player who is willing to help everyone. Jermaine says he is a family-oriented man, who enjoys watching and spending time with his newborn.


IT Director

Craig is joining our family as the new IT Director! Before coming to COE, Craig worked as an Application Developer for US Steel, a Systems Analyst for Duquesne Light, and a Senior BI Developer for 84 Lumber. He ultimately left his most recent job to join our 
team because of our family culture. He is most excited to help the company continue to be successful and he looks forward to bringing fresh ideas and technology to the company.

When it comes to our company values, Craig believes the most in Teamwork, stating that to accomplish anything great, you must be a team. When he is not at work, Craig enjoys hanging out with his family, which consists of his wife Brittany, his 14-week old son Chase, and two dogs Cali and Chloe. He also enjoys chilling with friends.


Customer Service Rep

Raquel Polando is joining the COE family as one of our new CS Reps. Before coming to COE, Raquel worked in a call center in customer service, data entry, and Spanish translating. 

She was excited to join our team, after continuously hearing wonderful things about the company, including how family-oriented it is and the paid holidays offered. She is happy to be working in a more caring environment, where she will also be challenged. When Raquel is not working, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing Candy Crush with friends.


Customer Service Rep

Carol Leatherberry is joining the COE family as one of our new CS Reps. Before joining the company, Carol was a stay-at-home mom for 8 months, after working as a bank teller at United Bank.

She was excited to join COE, after hearing good things about the company and how much the team members are valued. She is looking forward to work for a company that she can grow with. When Carol is not working, she spends time with her daughter and/or shops at Target.


Houston Distribution Center, Receiving Supervisor

Before joining the COE team, Magli was a warehouse supervisor for four years, at Floor and Décor. She decided to expand her leadership skills into a new, continually growing, and family-owned company like COE. She is excited to grow with the company in Houston, which she knows will be a great success!

When it comes to our core values, Magli says she is the strongest in respect and teamwork; as a team, you can get the job done in the most accurate and fast way.
When she is not at work, Magli enjoys spending time with her friends and trying new restaurants. She has a big family, full of different personalities, which includes a twin brother and a baby boy, who is turning one this month! She is very outgoing and
has a silly personality. 


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Juan is joining the Houston team, filling another Pick-to-Load role! Before coming to COE, Juan worked for the cable company, Deacero, driving a forklift. He came to us, after Hector, another Houston team member, told him it was a great company to work for. He enjoys pulling orders and how fast-paced the job is.

When it comes to our company values, Juan says respect is the most important; he does not believe in disrespecting anyone. When Juan is not at work, he likes spending time with his family, eating, and partying. He loves his family and enjoys being around them any chance he can.


Sales Representative, Northern Florida

Jack is working in Northern Florida, based out of Orlando, with IAI. He brings many years of commercial furniture sales experience to the team.

When it comes to COE, Jack is most excited about helping people grow their businesses to where they want to be and looks forward to getting the chance to provide exceptional service to the dealers in his area. Fun Facts: Jack is heavily involved in youth soccer and even coaches youth soccer in Florida. He loves to root for the Clemson Tigers and Atlanta United. 


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Jennifer is joining the COE family as a Pick-To-Load Associate for our Houston DC. Prior to coming to COE, she was selling furniture at The Dump, She is excited to join COE, due to her previous warehouse experience and due to the excellent benefits and room for advancement.

When it comes to our core values, Jennifer says she is the strongest in teamwork; She loves the feeling of accomplishment with a team and seeing the crew in harmony. When Jennifer is not at work, she enjoys gardening, creating abstract paintings/DIY projects for her home, and visiting her family in New Orleans. Fun Facts: Jennifer is mechanically inclined and loves all things Science. She will talk to anyone about the Entanglement Theory!


Houston Distribution Center, Operations Support Clerk

Larissa Harris comes to the team as our Operations Support Clerk for our Houston DC. Prior to starting at the company, Larissa was a Child Support Officer for the state of Texas. She was drawn to COE for the company’s core and family values and the opportunities for growth. When it comes to our core values, Larissa believes her strength lies in Customer Service, because solving customer complaints comes naturally to her, and she loves being able to provide solutions to problems.

When Larissa is not at work, she enjoys studying the art of photography and graphic design. She also loved spending time with her family, who she says is her biggest support system, and is kind, loving, and the epitome of greatness. Fun Facts: She loves to travel and participate in any activity that gets her heart racing. She has hiked to the top of three mountains!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Hector is joining the COE team down in Houston, as one of our Pick-to-Load employees!

He came to COE because he heard It was a great place to work, with a great team–Ro and Lo are very good amigos, he said. Hector has always believed in one main thing: “If you work hard, you can get big results!” He will bring that belief here to COE. We are excited to welcome you to the family!

Fun Facts: Hector is a true family man, who spends all his extra time with them