Meet Our New Team Members


Houston Distribution Center, Receiving Supervisor

Before joining the COE team, Magli was a warehouse supervisor for four years, at Floor and Décor. She decided to expand her leadership skills into a new, continually growing, and family-owned company like COE. She is excited to grow with the company in Houston, which she knows will be a great success!

When it comes to our core values, Magli says she is the strongest in respect and teamwork; as a team, you can get the job done in the most accurate and fast way.
When she is not at work, Magli enjoys spending time with her friends and trying new restaurants. She has a big family, full of different personalities, which includes a twin brother and a baby boy, who is turning one this month! She is very outgoing and
has a silly personality. 


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Juan is joining the Houston team, filling another Pick-to-Load role! Before coming to COE, Juan worked for the cable company, Deacero, driving a forklift. He came to us, after Hector, another Houston team member, told him it was a great company to work for. He enjoys pulling orders and how fast-paced the job is.

When it comes to our company values, Juan says respect is the most important; he does not believe in disrespecting anyone. When Juan is not at work, he likes spending time with his family, eating, and partying. He loves his family and enjoys being around them any chance he can.


Sales Representative, Northern Florida

Jack is working in Northern Florida, based out of Orlando, with IAI. He brings many years of commercial furniture sales experience to the team.

When it comes to COE, Jack is most excited about helping people grow their businesses to where they want to be and looks forward to getting the chance to provide exceptional service to the dealers in his area. Fun Facts: Jack is heavily involved in youth soccer and even coaches youth soccer in Florida. He loves to root for the Clemson Tigers and Atlanta United. 


Houston Distribution Center, PM Supervisor

Carla is coming to COE as our new PM Supervisor for the Houston DC. Prior to joining our family, Carla worked for Home Depot doing in-store projects, but after talking with Ro, and seeing the opportunity of being a part of a growing company, she knew it was time to make the change; she was excited for the challenge of being successful as a team and to finally be back doing what she loves to do!

When it comes to COE’s core values, Carla says she is the strongest in teamwork; she believes that if you form a strong group of team members, that believe in what they are doing, that everything will fall into place. When Carla is not at work, she enjoys playing with her great-nephew, watching both college and pro football, going to church, talking with her close-knit family, and relaxing on Sundays. Fun Facts: She has a twin sister, loves a good joke, and enjoys time in the park!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Jennifer is joining the COE family as a Pick-To-Load Associate for our Houston DC. Prior to coming to COE, she was selling furniture at The Dump, She is excited to join COE, due to her previous warehouse experience and due to the excellent benefits and room for advancement.

When it comes to our core values, Jennifer says she is the strongest in teamwork; She loves the feeling of accomplishment with a team and seeing the crew in harmony. When Jennifer is not at work, she enjoys gardening, creating abstract paintings/DIY projects for her home, and visiting her family in New Orleans. Fun Facts: Jennifer is mechanically inclined and loves all things Science. She will talk to anyone about the Entanglement Theory!


Houston Distribution Center, Operations Support Clerk

Larissa Harris comes to the team as our Operations Support Clerk for our Houston DC. Prior to starting at the company, Larissa was a Child Support Officer for the state of Texas. She was drawn to COE for the company’s core and family values and the opportunities for growth. When it comes to our core values, Larissa believes her strength lies in Customer Service, because solving customer complaints comes naturally to her, and she loves being able to provide solutions to problems.

When Larissa is not at work, she enjoys studying the art of photography and graphic design. She also loved spending time with her family, who she says is her biggest support system, and is kind, loving, and the epitome of greatness. Fun Facts: She loves to travel and participate in any activity that gets her heart racing. She has hiked to the top of three mountains!


Houston Distribution Center, Pick-to-Load

Hector is joining the COE team down in Houston, as one of our Pick-to-Load employees!

He came to COE because he heard It was a great place to work, with a great team–Ro and Lo are very good amigos, he said. Hector has always believed in one main thing: “If you work hard, you can get big results!” He will bring that belief here to COE. We are excited to welcome you to the family!

Fun Facts: Hector is a true family man, who spends all his extra time with them


Customer Service Representative

Michelle comes to COE as one of our newest CS Reps. Prior to COE, she worked at Gene & Boots Candies, as the factory manager, worked in CS at the Bank of America, servicing HSA Accounts, and most recently at USAA Savings Bank in credit card servicing. She decided to take the leap and join the COE team, after hearing many good things about the company and the excellent customer service we provide.

When it comes to our values, Michelle believes she is the strongest in going above and beyond to provide the very best customer service to our valued customers. When she is not at work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her daughter on vacations, going shopping, especially at flea markets and yards sales, and decorating her house for the holidays. Fun Facts: She is an animal lover, who has three cats and loves owls!


Customer Service Representative

Paige comes to the COE team as a CS Rep. Before COE, she worked most recently at ContactUsCommunications for Bosch Automotive. Prior, she has worked at Tristar as a car Saleswoman, Walmart, and Dairy Queen.

Paige was drawn to COE by the awesome things she was hearing about the company. She said she is happy that it is a family run business. She is most excited about meeting all of the team members and starting a new career. When asked what COE core value she thinks she is the strongest in, she said teamwork –She is always willing to try new things and help others out. When Paige is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two little girls and fiancé.

Fun Facts: She is obsessed with Harry Potter, shopping, and makeup. She also is an animal lover, who has two cates, a dog, and a fish.


Houston Distribution Center, Assistant Facility Manager​

Prior to working at COE, Lo was the Control Specialist/Ops Manager in training at Floor and Décor. Before that, he was working at The Dump for 12 years, reporting to Ro!

He decided to join COE after Ro approached him with the opportunity. After reading all the positive employee reviews, he knew this was a job and a team that he couldn’t pass up. He is excited to work for a company that truly values their employees and treats everyone like family.

Lo believes that his values perfectly align with COE’s values. His biggest one would be transparency, and having open and honest communication. He believes without transparency, there will be a foundation built on a lack of trust. When Lo is not at work, he enjoys walking with his grandma in the local park, cooking weekly dinners with the family, and spending time with his nieces and nephews.


Customer Service Representative

Adrienne graduated from Uniontown Area High School, as she says, FOREVER AGO! After high school, she attended Pitt Greensburg, where she studied Biology with a minor in Psychology. All of the jobs she has worked since graduating has been in customer service, whether it was opening at Ruby Tuesday and Applebee’s or working at Teletech and Teleperformance/ContactUs in Grindstone. In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys spending time with family, going on road trips, and drinking wine on the patio.

When it comes to working at COE, she is eager to go above and beyond for her customers, while earning more money and being known as a person and not just a number. Adrienne is the only daughter in her family, which includes five brothers, is the first generation American on her dad’s side, is left-handed, extremely clumsy, and has worn glasses since first grade.


Customer Service Representative

Kayla graduated from Frazier High School in 2013, as the class secretary. She attended WCCC for 2 years, majoring in dental hygiene, before leaving due to unforeseen circumstances. She worked at Caporellas as a waitress for three years and continues to bartend at the Sokol’s Club in Perryopolis. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys boating, quad riding, and spending time with family and friends.

When it comes to working at COE, she is excited to get to know the other team members better. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful so far, and she can see that this is a wonderful company to work for. She could eat pizza every day, used to be a competitive cheerleader, and has a severe addiction to Facebook.


Customer Service Representative

Laura comes to COE from TTEC, where she was taking calls for USAA Credit Cards. She graduated from Waynesburg Central High School, before attending Greene County Vocational School for Computer Repair. She always had a passion for Web Site Design and taught herself how to code HTML. In her spare time, Laura likes to cross stitch, read, play video games, and continuously work on her Ancestry. 

When it comes to working at COE, she is most excited about building relationships with the customers and fellow coworkers. She is a quiet person, an exceptional listener, and a Chinese food enthusiast.


Web Developer

Christopher Crisson has joined the COE team as our System Support Web Developer. He attended California University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Computer Science.

Before coming to COE, Chris was finishing up with his degree. A staffing agency, located in Uniontown, brought Chris and COE together, with the belief that he would be a great fit for our company. Chris is excited to help with COE’s online presence, and we are excited to see what he brings to the team.


Graphic Designer

Heather has joined COE as a part-time Graphic Designer, but after a short time joined the team full time. Heather attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in graphic design.

Before starting at COE, she freelanced for our Marketing Department for two years, while working other jobs including Mark IV Office Supply & Printing, as their main in-house designer, as a co-designer and publisher at Ad-Star Printing, and behind the Customer Service Desk at Shop N’ Save, where she still currently works. Heather is excited to work within her field again, where she can see her talents being put to good use. She is happy to be surrounded by supportive people, that want her to succeed both at work and in life.


Houston Distribution Center, Facility Manager

Facility Manager Ro Lynch has joined the COE team to head up our Houston Facility. Ro comes to COE with nearly 10 years of warehouse experience, most recently working for The Dump Furniture Outlet as an Operations Manager. Ro has also held similar positions at Walmart, Stewart & Stevenson and DB Schenker.

Showcasing her a true COE spirit of Humble, Hungry & Smart Ro said ” I’m excited about the opportunity of being a part of a growing family-oriented team, and with assisting in the growth that is already in motion. The sky isn’t the limit; the mind is!.. Myself, mixed with some humble, hungry and smart team members, are ready to leave our COE mark here in Houston!”


National Sales Manger

Joe Mathieu comes to COE with 30 years of National sales experience in the office furniture manufacturing industry, most recently working for Compel Office Furniture as the Vice President for Sales. Before that, he has held similar positions at iDesk/Cherryman Industries, AICO Office Systems, Faustino’s Chair Factory, Continental Desk, and M&J Desk. No matter where Mathieu has worked, his objective has always been to represent a furniture manufacturer “that values honesty and hard work, rewards personal ability and effort, and is committed to utilizing all of their resources to being the best they can be.” His objectives line up perfectly with COE’s values and vision of being the most successful and respected furniture source in America.

“Joe embodies the characteristics we specifically look for in all new hires – Humble, Hungry and Smart,” J.D. Ewing, President and CEO of COE Distributing states. “When combined with his in-channel experience and overall skill set, Joe was the clear choice to become COE’s First National Sales Manager.”