Meet Our New Team Members

Meet Our Newest Team Members!

Being new to any team is hard but we are happy to welcome these ladies to our team. We are still getting to know them ourselves so keep an eye out for a more in-depth introduction coming soon.

Alexis Mosier

Houston Distribution Center, Warehouse

Alexis Mosier is joining the COE family as our new AP Clerk! Alexis is coming to us after recently graduating from Saint Vincent College with honors, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Organismal Biology (Pre-Med). Some of you may remember that Alexis interned at COE in the Summer of 2017, and her experience then and the knowledge that the company offers a great environment filled with wonderful people is why she chose to take a full-time role with us.

Out of our core values, Alexis believes the most in teamwork. She has spent the majority of her life playing softball, and has learned that no one person is responsible for successes; it is the combined contributions by all the facilities a more successful environment. 

Andres Gonzalez

Houston Distribution Center, Warehouse

Andres Gonzalez has joined our COE family as a Pick-To-Load team member for our Houston facility. Along with working for COE, Andres is also working forDel Monte. He was excited to join the team for the extra money and because Jesus Ramos, another COE team member in Houston, told him that it is a great place to work.

Out of our core values, Andres believes the most in Safety. He always wants to make sure he is doing things the right way and safely! When he is not atwork, Andres enjoys spending time with his family, who are loveable and very close. Andres also says that he is funny and the hardest worker in the world. Welcome to the COE team, Andres! We are looking forward to learning more about you.

Mauricio Mejia

Houston Distribution Center, Warehouse

Mauricio Mejia has joined the COE family in a Pick-To-Load position for our Houston Distribution Center. We love adding new team members and watching them grow within their role and the company, showcasing our core values every day. We also enjoy getting to learn more about each team member, because everyone is unique. 

We are looking forward to learning more about Mauricio as he continues with the company, both personally and professionally. Welcome to the COE family Mauricio!

Jesus Ramos

Houston Distribution Center, Warehouse

Jesus Ramos is joining the COE family in Houston as a Pick-To-Load team member! Before coming to our company, Jesus worked for Del Monte. He was drawn to COE because he wanted to be in the furniture industry; he loves working with furniture!

When it comes to our core values, Jesus says he believes the most in teamwork. When you work together, things flow better. In his spare time, Jesus enjoys relaxing, spending time with his family, and having weekend BBQs.

Brittany Packan

Customer Service Representative

Brittany Packan is joining the COE team as one of our new CS Reps! Before coming to COE, Brittany worked for a candy company for five years. She was drawn to COE because it is family owned and operated company that has a great work environment. 

Out of all our core values, Brittany believes the most in teamwork, stating that itis the base for all the other core values. In her spare time, she enjoys playing and doing family activities with her husband and five-year-old son. Her husband Aaron is a truck driver and is extremely artistic and her son Eli will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. Brittany loves being a mom, says that coffee is her weakness, andloves to create things with her cricut. Welcome to the family Brittany!

Faith Brooks

Customer Service Representative

Faith Brooks joins the COE team as one of our CS Reps! Before coming to COE, Faith worked for a call center. She decided to join our team after hearing so many great things and how everyone is treated like family.

When it comes to our core values, she says she is the strongest in customer service; she is a people person who loves talking and building relationships with her customers. In her spare time, she loves to drink wine. She has a boyfriend, Matt, of 10 years; they were high school sweethearts. We are excited to get to know you Faith!

Lori Illar

Customer Service Representative

Lori Illar joins our team as a CS Rep! Before coming to COE, Lori worked in customer care, so servicing customers is certainly her specialty. Lori was drawn to COE because of offering work-life-balance, which is one of the reasons she believes the most in our core value of respect.

When she is not working, Lori enjoys boating, fishing and being with her husband. Some more fun facts about Lori are that she enjoys driving her classic 71 MACH 1, photography and swimming, which sounds great right about now. We are happy to have you as part of the team Lori!

Marissa Ritchey

Freight Assistant

Marissa Ritchey joins our team as our new Freight Assistant. Before coming to COE, Marissa attended and graduated from Laurel Business Institute twice, once for medical billing, coding, and office administration and once for an accounting and Business Administration Associate’s Degree. She interned at COE previously and looks forward to working with Bob again and being a part of a family.

Out of our core values, Marissa believes the most in respect. When she is not at work, Marissa enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her family, which consists of her mother, father, older brother, younger brother, and nephew. Some fun facts about Marissa are that she watches way too much Netflix, loves animals, and is a terrible driver according to others. Welcome aboard Marissa!!


Software Developer

Wade Banks is joining the COE family as our new Software Developer! Wade has been in software development for about six years, previously working with a dynamic and chemical testing facility and an online auction company before that. He was drawn to work for COE because of the opportunity to be hands-on with new technology and languages; he will be able to challenge himself.

Out of all of our core values, Wade said he is the strongest in teamwork. This comes from his experience with team sports (football and baseball), as well as working with larger teams in previous positions. When Wade is not working, he has been learning to play the guitar. However, after being quarantined for a few months, he is really into anything that gets him out of the house. He loves hiking, driving, and playing sports when available.


Customer Service Representative

Jamie McClain is joining the COE Team as our newest CS Rep. Before coming to our company, Jamie was a CSR for TTEC Telecommunications Client, supporting technical support. Jamie was excited to join the team, after her daughter Kacy, another one of our CS Reps, encouraged her to do so, by speaking highly of the company and the opportunities to advance. 

When it comes to our core values, Jamie believes the most in teamwork, stating it takes teamwork to make the dreamwork; she will offer help in any area needed. When Jamie is not at work, she enjoys crafts, walking, antiquing and working outside. She also cherishes her family, which consists of a son, a daughter, two granddaughters and a husband of 25-years. 


Charlotte Distribution Center, Warehouse

Ryan Holmes, one of our new warehouse team members in Charlotte, is excited to join the COE family! Starting out as a temp, he quickly transitioned to full-time, because he wanted a future with a great company. Before even starting at COE, Ryan was a dock worker. 

When it comes to our company’s core values, Ryan believes the most in safety, saying that we all want to make it home each night to our family. When he isn’t hard at work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, saying that they are the greatest! Ryan also says he is outgoing and loves to laugh. Welcome to the COE Team Ryan! We are excited that you are onboard with us full-time now and look forward to watching you grow within the company.


Charlotte Distribution Center, Warehouse Assistant

Zackery Sturdivant is joining our team down in Charlotte full-time as a Warehouse Assistant. Before transitioning to full-time, Zack was a temp for our Charlotte facility. However, before coming to COE, Zack was a box truck driver. He made the switch to a full-time position because he wants to be a part of the COE Family. 

When it comes to our company values, Zack is the strongest in teamwork, stating that he can get along with anyone. In his spare time, Zack loves to read and exercise. Zack is also currently engaged and has three children; two girls and a son. 


Business Analyst

Minqian Zhou is joining the COE Family as our New Business Analyst. Minqian recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December with a degree in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. Minqian is however, no stranger to COE. She worked with us during her last semester at Pitt on a consulting field project. Minqian is looking forward to becoming a valued contributor to this phenomenal team, and says that everyone here is friendly, works hard and is nice. 

When it comes to our company values, Minqian believes we are the strongest in teamwork; everyone here works together and communicates well, not matter which department. In her spare time Minqian enjoys listening to music and playing sports.