Employee of the Quarter

At COE, our Employee of the Quarter is the true definition of Humble, Hungry and Smart. We encourage our team members to be creative and innovative, and reward them by implementing their ideas. It is because of our exceptional team members that COE continues to grow!

Meet the 2019 second-quarter Employee of the Quarter: Donna Jefferies! Donna’s department has faced a lot of challenges and trials over the last quarter, and she has always kept her focus on making both her employees and our customers number one. She is the true example of an employee who is humble, hungry and smart, and COE is blessed to have such a dedicated team member!

Meet our 2019 first quarter Employee of the Quarter: Eddie Sinclair! Eddie comes into work every day ready to put his best foot forward! He delivers fast paced and exceptional service that keeps our customers satisfied. It is because of team members like Eddie that COE continues to move forward and be successful.