Employee of the Quarter

At COE, our Employee of the Quarter is the true definition of Humble, Hungry and Smart. We encourage our team members to be creative and innovative, and reward them by implementing their ideas. It is because of our exceptional team members that COE continues to grow!

Meet our 2020 first-quarter Employee of the Quarter, Chrissy Pecsko! After recently being promoted to a supervisor, Chrissy has gone above and beyond for her team and the entire company. She has been with COE for nearly 10- years, always showing extreme dedication to the job and her fellow team members. It was stated that she takes pride in everything she does, is always willing to help, and does everything with a smile! This honor is much deserved Chrissy and your COE Family is proud!

Meet our final 2019 Employee of the Quarter, Executive Assistant, Marlee Claubaugh! Marlee isn’t just an executive assistant though, she is the glue that holds it all together, from party planning to lightening the mood with her punny jokes, she does it all. When we think teamwork, Marlee comes to mind with her willingness to help in any way she can. Congratulations Marlee!

Meet our 2019 third-quarter Employee of the Quarter, Charlie Klink! Charlie Klink is one of our many dedicated warehouse team members in Smock, PA. His teamwork and hard work are something that do not go unnoticed, seeing as how he was nominated by five fellow team members for this honor. They all stated the same thing: Charlie is someone who comes in every day and works hard always. He also always has a positive attitude. Charlie was also awarded the Warrior Helmet that same week, which just goes to show, how much he is respected by everyone here at COE. Congratulations Charlie!

Meet the 2019 second-quarter Employee of the Quarter: Donna Jefferies! Donna’s department has faced a lot of challenges and trials over the last quarter, and she has always kept her focus on making both her employees and our customers number one. She is the true example of an employee who is humble, hungry and smart, and COE is blessed to have such a dedicated team member!