Do Print Catalogs Still Have a Place in Today’s Digital World?

Are print catalogs still Relevant? OH YES!

There are some surprising reasons that print catalogs are making a HUGE comeback… and why multi-channel marketing is the way to go!

Catalogs are a “Thought Starter”

According to results from a recent survey of a top management consulting firm, 44% of consumers say they’d like to receive fewer catalogs. But get this… in that SAME survey, 58% responded that they get ideas from paging through catalogs and almost 30% said they have a retailer’s catalog in their hand while making purchases online. So, why the contradiction? A printed catalog has an appeal that goes way beyond product images. We all get annoyed when our mailbox is stuffed with catalogs, BUT two out of three cannot resist turning the pages. A printed catalog displays products in context, groups items that can be used together and even shows new ways to use familiar items. It is a great way to upsell, cross-sell and compare products.

Is It Worth the Cost?

A printed catalog still remains to be the most visually-alluring vehicle to capture an audience, showcase product and create ideas. Catalogs have proven to be the most successful driver of web traffic. There is no better way to target and acquire customers than getting a catalog in their hands. While they may seem old fashioned to some, the human nature never goes out of style. Catalogs provide a visual experience that is not equaled by digital media. Catalogs jump start the idea process which leads to a purchasing decision. To answer the question, of course they are worth it… Printed Catalogs are always available, even when the internet is down. It is storytelling at its finest!